Badger Plane

Frame and panel construction is a universal feature in 18th century domestic joinery. Until 1750 most principal rooms in the UK were fully panelled. After this date panel construction continued in doors and window shutters, and indeed almost every piece of joinery. While much panelling was “square” (square edge to rails – flat panelling) in better quality work the framing would be finished with a moulding and the panel would be fielded or raised. Doors within houses followed the general rule: those on the secondary floors were square and flat while those in the principal floors were moulded and fielded. […]

The Screw Stem Plough Plane

In the pre-Industrial woodworker’s world a nice plough plane was the status symbol of a successful craftsman. They were made using every imaginable material and timber After acquiring a Screw Stem Plough plane last year I gave it a preliminary clean and then put it aside with a view to using it on a few projects to see how it performed. The wedge securing the iron needed some adjustment and it was evident that the wooden nuts would need some lubrication on the threads of the stems or staves. I have now dismantled it again and worked over the plane body […]